Hands down, this is the best middle name in the history of politics. Meet John “Lower Taxes” Loew, running for Los Angeles County Tax Assessor:

And, yes, that’s his real name. He’s been running for this office for years, yet he never wins. From the Daily Breeze in 2006.

Voters can vote for Lower Taxes in the County Assessor race.


Candidate John Lower Taxes Loew is challenging incumbent Rick Auerbach, a Diamond Bar resident, for the seat.

Loew, a deputy county assessor, legally changed his name – for $30 – while running for the seat in 2000 because he couldn’t afford to pay for a ballot statement but wanted to let voters know what he stood for.

“I have not accepted any campaign contributions,” Loew said.

But this could be his year! “Lower Taxes” was in the top-2 in this year’s primary:

Come on, California! VOTE FOR THIS HERO!