The Daily Beast is out with a new article tonight that accused Jacob Wohl of operating a private investigation firm without a license and taking $1200 from a woman to help her find her stolen Hummer without actually providing any type of investigative service:

According to the article, the woman, who was formerly homeless, found Wohl’s firm, Surefire Intelligence, through Craig’s List and testimonials on Medium:

At his Mueller presser on Thursday, Wohl briefly addressed Surefire Intelligence and said he doesn’t need a PI license to do the type of work he was doing. According to The Daily Beast, that may not be true:

Wohl, through Surefire Intelligence, accused Daily Beast reporters Lachlan Markay and Amy Ransley of libel:

Here’s Wohl’s explanation:

And Wohl says they offered her a refund, plus 30%:

Markay notes, however, that the retainer agreement was signed with a fake name: