Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has submitted a SECOND criminal referral to the FBI after NBC News’ report on Thursday questioned the “veracity of the allegations” submitted in a sworns statement by celebrity porn lawyer Michael Avenatti:

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley today submitted a second referral to the Justice Department and FBI following a news report yesterday that cast doubt on the veracity of allegations in a second sworn statement provided by Michael Avenatti to the committee.

Avenatti submitted an anonymous declaration on October 2, 2018, purporting to corroborate allegations raised by Julie Swetnick.  However, according to yesterday’s news report, the declarant denied making the key allegations, saying that Avenatti “twisted [her] words.”

Grassley even called Avenatti’s actions “outright fraud”:

This is great. NBC News nuked themselves AND Avenatti? Get the popcorn because we’re gonna love watching this play out:

And what else is the media concealing?

“Farmer from Iowa for the win”:

As for Avenatti, he still thinks he’s going to come out on top:

Because Sen. Grassley never went to law school:

You see, Avenatti is going to put Republican senators on trial:

Good luck with that.




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