CNN’s Brian Stelter played anthropologist last night and attended his first Trump rally in Charlotte, NC:

But what he seems to have found is that many of the Trump supporters at the rally don’t really mean what they say when they shout things like, “CNN Sucks!”:

And he found “Yes, some are insulting, but many others are friendly”:

Although the did liken the experience to being in a zoo:

And even this guy with a shirt that has the president on Calvin’s body from the best comic stirp ever “Calvin and Hobbes” urinating on the CNN logo turned out to be nice to Stelter:

More on this from Stelter’s newsletter:

My conversations with the crowd

One minute, it’s “You’re the fakest news!” The next minute, “We’re glad you’re here.”

Lots of reporters have pointed this out, and I saw it firsthand on Friday: Groups of Trump rallygoers jeer CNN, but then individuals ask for selfies and say they watch the network. Yes, some are insulting and intimidating, but many others are friendly. I had some in-depth conversations with attendees before Trump arrived.

Here’s another example: A loud “CNN SUCKS” chant broke out when reporters lined up for their 5 p.m. live shots. Then a man walked over to me and said, “nothing personal.” But others screamed “lyin’ Brian” and heckled me during a live shot.

THE TAKEAWAY: Some people seem to think the “enemy of the people” stuff is just a performance, kind of like pro wrestling. But others seem to really truly believe it.

Lesson learned, Brian: Don’t judge a Trump supporter by his shirt.