CNN put together a panel of Florida Democrats and asked them what they thought about Hillary Clinton possibly campaigning for gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. In summary, NOPE!


6 out the 7 panelists thought Hillary is “more of a liability than an asset.”

She’s a “rallying point for the right” which could created a “huge boost” in GOP turnout.

On Hillary’s focus on what happened in 2016: “I want to call it whining.”

“She’s just got bad cred…no one trusts here…she makes big mistakes.”

On Hillary’s dismissal of Monica Lewinsky as an adult: “Horrifying” and “tone deaf.”

And in conclusion: “Let’s get some fresh blood down here.”


According to Politico, Hillary will publicly ignore both Gillum and Sen. Bill Nelson but will fundraise for Gillum privately:

When Joe Biden comes to Florida this week, he will serve as a prominent hype man for Florida Democrats. When Hillary Clinton comes to Florida next week, she‘ll hardly be seen publicly.

Biden is scheduled to hold rallies in key cities across the state. The events, organized by the Florida Democratic Party, will include its top two candidates: gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum and incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson. Clinton will join a few closed-door fundraisers for Gillum but make no public appearances for either candidate. The Democratic Party and the Nelson campaign are not associated with any of the Clinton events.

But as we told you earlier today, she has been welcomed on the trail by FL-27 candidate and former Clinton HHS director Donna Shalala. As a matter of fact, she just finished up a fundraiser with Shalala a fe moments ago:

So much for “fresh blood.”