Rep. Barbara Lee was scheduled to campaign with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi down in South Florida’s 27th congressional district for fellow Dem Donna Shalala on Wednesday. That would be the same Rep. Barbara Lee who gleefully met with Cuba’s Fidel Castro in 2009 and praised the Obama administration’s easing of sanctions against the island dictatorship in 2011:

And this would be the same Rep. Barbara Lee that praised Fidel after his death:

Big mistake, Dems. Protesters were on hand to greet Rep. Lee and tell her what that thought of her pro-Castro views. Bonus? Rep. Lee didn’t even show and the entire visit with Pelosi ended in chaos:

From the Miami Herald’s Jimena Tavel, who covered the day:

We believe it was, oh, yesterday, when Dems totally encouraged this type of behavior:

No professionally done signs in this group:

Rep. Lee is a uniter, guys:

Police and Secret Service eventually locked the doors to keep out the protesters:

And because the doors are locked, non-protesters were kept out. Like Democratic fundraiser Katy Sorenson:

What did Dems think would happen when they cheered on the mob chasing Republicans out of restaurants?

And we’re seeing some anger from team Shalala at Nancy Pelosi for how things went down:

Pelosi also won’t explain what Rep. Lee was invited in the first place:

A total fail by Dems: