In the Red Sox-Astros game last night in Houston, there was just a wee bit of controversy after the officiating crew ruled this José Altuve home run an out thanks to fan interference:

Many on Twitter thought it should have been a home run:

Including supermodel Kate Upton, who is married to Astros pitcher Justin Verlander. She called it a “#bulls*itcall”:

And slammed Major League Baseball over it and a follow-up tweet:

She does have the rules on her side as the rulebook clearly states “no interference shall be allowed when a fielder reaches over a fence, railing or into a stand…”:

We assume the replay booth was focused on the guy in white who was reaching over the railing, but he wasn’t really near enough to the ball to make a difference:

As for the Astros, they went down to defeat thanks in large part to these two later plays. First up, here’s Mookie Betts with an unreal throw to get the out at 2nd:

And the game ended on this phenomenal catch, which sent the Red Sox announcer tumbling out of his chair in excitement:

Mr. Kate Upton takes the mound tonight for the Astros: