Remember the scene in “Godfather 2” where Michael Corleone tells Senator Pat Geary that he would pay “nothing” for the gaming license for a casino he was buying?

Well, that’s the exact same answer Nancy Pelosi gave when asked what she’ll give up in exchange for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall:

Rep. Pelosi went on to call the wall a “manhood issue”:

And it sounds like she wants to get rid of all fencing between Mexico and the U.S.:

In other words, President Trump was right: Rep. Pelosi, if she becomes Speaker of the House, is for open borders:

And there’s a good chance the GOP loses the House in November, which would mean the wall is gone:

She did signal she’d be willing to work with the president on infrastructure, however. From the Washington Post:

Pelosi said any opportunities for Democrats to work with Trump would be limited — perhaps on a national infrastructure plan, she offered, where Democrats would push for mass transit, housing and communications spending alongside roads and bridges.

Great. If Dems take the House, we’ll have two years of infrastructure weeks?