Weird. We were told there was a blue wave, or something?

First up, here’s the warning from ABC News that Republicans actually lead by 1-point in the 66 toss-up congressional districts that will decide whether or not Dems get control of the House of Representatives:

In summary, Dems are really psyched to vote out Republicans this year, just not in the actual races where a Dem could vote out a Republican:

But it isn’t. Therein lies the core of Democrats’ concerns with 22 days to go, as they worry that a whole lot of their midterm enthusiasm will wind up wasted in places they don’t need the extra votes.

But wait… There’s more!

Not only our Dems not enthused in the right places, they’re not getting the support from Latino voters that they need to take control of Congress:

From the Washington Post:

Democrats are worried about Latino voters in the midterms, fearing that weak efforts to energize a core element of their base could imperil their bid to win control of Congress in next month’s elections.

From the Sun Belt battlegrounds of Nevada and Arizona to sprawling turf wars in Texas and Florida, there are signs that the Hispanic vote — which party leaders have long hoped would be the foundation of future electoral success — has yet to flourish in their favor this year.

Tick-tock, Dems! Only 21 days until election day!




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