Apparently there was some sort of “crazy storm” in Kingaroy, Australia earlier this week that produced — no joke — “tennis-ball” sized hail. Local news dubbed it a “hailnado.” From the Courier Mail:

Freak ‘hailnado’ blankets towns with tennis-ball-sized hail

TALKS are under way to determine if the hard hit South Burnett region should be declared a disaster zone, with entire crops lost at harvest time, and roofs off homes.

The storms packing tornado-driven hail cut a swathe of devastation right across southern Queensland.

About 1000 Queenslanders have made insurance claims today, according to the Insurance Council of Australia.

It was a bad storm:

Which brings us to our headline. Meet Fiona Simpson, the bada** mom who saved her baby from injury after the tennis-ball-sized hail smashed her car windows, forcing her to use her body as a human shield:

“Warrior” mom? We love that description:

Fiona described how the hail blew out the back and front windows of the car, which also sent her mother to the hospital with injuries. The interview ends with the anchor saying, “mama needs a wine” tonight:

Give Fiona as much wine as she wants!