Rap star T.I. is not happy with Kanye West meeting with Donald Trump yesterday, calling it a “repulsive, embarrassing act of desperation”:

T.I. also think Kaney has “good intentions,” but he’s “putting everybody at jeopardy now”:

And he’s “tired of talking about Kanye”:

But activists love that he called Kanye out! Here’s Shaun King saying T.I. “tells the whole truth about Kanye”:

OK, but can we tell the truth about Kanye-slayer T.I.? Remember when he said in 2015 that Hillary Clinton can’t be president because women are too emotional and it would be easier for the Loch Ness Monster to get elected president than a woman (FWIW, the Loch Ness Monster — Nessie — is female):

He did apologize for it:

And with T.I. criminal past, we kind of assumed he’d be on board with Kanye lobbying Trump on criminal justice reform:

But it’s weird, right, that T.I.’s past crime and misogyny are totally cool now that he’s bashing Trump?