Author Stephen King thinks Sen. Susan Collins of Maine was silent on the way the GOP treated Obama SCOTUS nominee “Merrill Garland”:


His name was not “Merrill”:

Chaser No. 2…

King’s spelling error aside, he’s straight up lying about Sen. Collins, who met with Merrick Garland and said publicly that he should get a vote:

There were photos, Stephen:

And here’s the statement from her office:

WASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S. Senator Susan Collins met privately today with Chief Judge Merrick Garland, the President’s nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States, for more than an hour in her Washington office.

Following their meeting, Senator Collins released this statement:

“Considering a Supreme Court nominee is one of the Senate’s most important constitutional responsibilities.

“During our lengthy discussion this morning, Chief Judge Garland and I discussed a wide variety of issues, ranging from executive overreach and the separation of powers, to Second Amendment cases, to his judicial philosophy. Judge Garland gave thorough, impressive responses to all of my questions, and I found him to be well informed, thoughtful, and extraordinarily bright.

“Throughout my time in the Senate, I have always found that whether its legislation, nominations, or treaties, we are best served by following the regular order. That is why I have called for the Senate to proceed to the next step by holding public hearings.

“My meeting today with Judge Garland left me more convinced than ever that the process should proceed. Public hearings before the Judiciary Committee would allow that the issues that we explored in my office today to be further reviewed and analyzed by the Senate.”