One thing we keep seeing on Twitter in light of the allegations made against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a revisiting of the movie “Sixteen Candles,” which, if you don’t remember, includes a scene where the heartthrob character, Jake Ryan, literally gives his passed-out girlfriend to the nerd played by Anthony Michael Hall so he can have sex with her:

From Vox:

Jake Ryan is the embodiment of a fantasy so compelling it instantly made Sixteen Candlesiconic: What if the object of all your romantic high school dreams decided to pursue you without you having to expend any effort whatsoever, just because they could see that you were, like, deeper and more special than the rest of the school? What if they somehow saw that without you ever having to have a conversation or interact with them in any way?

“Jake stands the test of time,” wrote Hank Stuever in the Washington Post in 2004. He quotes a 34-year-old woman who grew up on Jake Ryan: “Oh, gosh, Jake Ryan. Just thinking about it now, I get … kind of … It’s all just too good to be true.”

Jake Ryan’s reputation as the ideal dream boy of every teenage girl’s deepest fantasies has lasted for decades. Jake, writes Stuever, “is Christ, redeeming the evil sins of high school. Jake as the ideal. Jake as the eternal belief in something better.”

Yet Jake Ryan cold-bloodedly hands a drunk and unconscious Caroline over to another guy and says, “Have fun.”

Anyway, since The Atlantic fired conservative Kevin Williamson for old things he said, maybe the magazine should take a look at this old tweet from just-hired columnist Jemele Hill who wrote in 2012 that “Jake Ryan is still my dream man”:


Hill, as you’d expect, is much tougher on Brett Kavanaugh, where there’s no evidence of a crime, than she is on her celebrity crush who is an accomplice to rape in the film:

She even compared Kavanaugh to the fictional character Al Bundy from “Married with Children”:

Sorry, Jemele. Al Bundy is a hero who in our memory never once sexually assaulted a woman on the show. As a matter of fact, Al was known to take matters into his own hands when a boy treated his daugher, Kelly, badly. Like this famous scene where he beat up a boyfriend after she caught him cheating on her.

It’s Jake Ryan that’s the real monster and Al would’ve kicked his a**.