Multiple news outlets are reporting Sunday night that Deborah Ramirez, the 2nd woman to come forward who accused SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a party, spoke with the FBI today:

But it’s not clear what she told the agents…

NBC News reported that “Ramirez gave the FBI a list of witnesses whom she says corroborate her claim”:

NBC News used these exact words in an article as well:

A source confirmed to NBC News that Ramirez spoke with the FBI on Sunday, and she provided investigators with a list of witnesses she says corroborate her claim.

But BuzzFeed reported that Ramirez “gave them a list of people she believes were at the Yale dorm party”:

CNN is going with “potential witnesses”:

There’s a huge difference obviously between a list that “corroborates” and a list of people who “may” have been “potential witnesses” at the party, because the later — which seems to be correct — means this is just a big fishing expedition.