Here are a few of the questions we’ve seen raised regarding Julie Swetnick’s sworn affidavit accusing Brett Kavanaugh of being in attendance and a potentially a participant in gang rapes.

Um, so, about those FBI background checks. They missed all of this?

Because this is a big deal:

And nobody else at these parties ever called the police?

She also admits going to the parties AFTER witnessing this?

It is quite the contrast here:

They both can’t be true:

And we’ll note that we STILL have no witnesses to corroborate any of the claims:

But we need a new term for what just dropped:

On the other side of the spectrum, Ronan Farrow RT’d that maybe we shouldn’t trust Avenatti’s new client because journos didn’t vet her:

And as far as the politics of all this goes, we’re not seeing Dem “blow up in excited outrage” … “yet”: