It looks like SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh will bring some evidence with him to next week’s hearing in the form of calendars from the summer of 1982 to help clear his name:

And presenting evidence is now somehow “insulting to everyone”:

We expect of Dr. Ford had a calendar the reaction would be slightly different:

As you’d expect, we’re seeing a lot of mockery of the potential evidence:

Keep in mind, we haven’t seen the calendars yet but why hold off?

A “weird development” that came about when he was accused of sexual assault?

And the calendars don’t even matter, regardless of what’s on them:

Because it’s all part of the joke:

Or the calendars will help prove his guilt?

Yes, this is exactly what’s on them:

And now being detail-oriented is grounds for voting “no” on confirmation:

Orwellian indeed:

And we’ll end it with this: