Well, the Ed Whelan theory we told you about last night just took a hit from … Ed Whelan:

Whelan’s theory, which relied on a case of mistaken identity, was shot down last night when Christine Blasey Ford released a statement saying she knew both Kavanaugh and the other student and had even visited that other student in the hospital:

Whelan’s backtrack, however, didn’t come in time to keep the theory off the air at Fox & Friends:

The thread has reportedly been deleted:

Some of the early reaction is, needless to say, not good as Whelan’s defenders were hoping for a Part 2 to all of this today:

And this doesn’t do Judge Kavanaugh any favors as this will not be brought up, at great length, if/when there’s another hearing:

And Senate Republicans will possibly feel the heat, too. Like this now-deleted tweet from a staffer for Sen. Orrin Hatch: