There have been a lot of really bad takes on Brett Kavanaugh, but these two from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and ABC News’ Matthew Dowd have to be two of the dumbest ones we’ve seen yet.

First up, here’s Hayes saying that it’s no big deal that Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault and he can just going back to living his best life, like “Merrill” Garland (he means Merrick, of course):

This is what you kindly call “pure nonsense,” but it’s way worse than that:

And he’s not even correct. Everyone on the Left was pretty psyched for Hillary to nominate someone to Garland’s left:

Which brings us to Matthew Dowd, who thinks Kavanaugh should withdraw and President Trump can then nominate Merrick Garland instead in some sort of kumbaya gesture to unite America:

Again, more “nonsense”:

This sums it up:

Yeah, we’re laughing, too: