A Waffle House in Wilmington, NC stayed open during Florence today with the help of a “jump team,” employees from other states who come into disaster zones to help keep the restaurants open so local employees can stay with their families.

In this case, the restaurant was feeding first responders and the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore:

These heroes are from Augusta, GA:

But it gets better. According to the Los Angeles Times, a Waffle House became a shelter after some individuals were turned away from a government shelter for having no ID:

From the LA Times:

Outside, Christopher Phillips, 45, a homeless man who calls himself Crazy J, and Brandi DiCello, a 29-year-old who ended up stranded in Wilmington without her wallet as she tried to connect with her mom and daughter, sheltered under the awning.

They had nowhere to go. The shelters, they said, wouldn’t take in people without ID cards.

“I’ve only got 10 dollars left,” Phillips said. “The Red Carpet [Inn] is charging $95 a night.”

Eventually, he went up to Matt, the Waffle House employee, with a question: Could they stay the night at the Waffle House once the hurricane started to hit?

Matt nodded.

“We’ll take care of y’all,” he said.

What a wonderful company.