As we told you earlier, The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel was called out in a now-viral video for apparently faking the weather conditions during a live shot on TV. As you can see in the video, Seidel is leaning into the wind making it look like he can barely stand up while two guys in the background just casually walk down the street.

The Weather Channel then made things worse, in our opinion, when they released a statement saying the guys in the background were able to walk so easily because they were on the pavement while Seidel was on the grass. And they said Seidel was exhausted from his reporting.

Which brings us to CNN’s Brian Stelter, who bought The Weather Channel’s excuse:

Every. Time:

It was fake, but accurate maybe?

Or maybe it was an alternative fact:

Apple or banana?

This really is a bad look for the guy on “Reliable Sources”:

And as we noted earlier, if Seidel was exhausted, why didn’t he just do the segment on the pavement that was about 12 inches to his left?