Now that Paul Manafort has agreed to cooperate with the Feds, journo Yashar Ali warned The Resistance not to get their hopes up as prosecutors might be using the former Trump campaign chair to go after other targets, such as lobbyist Tony Podesta and law firm Skadden Arps:

And a source told NPR that the cooperation agreement “does not include matters involving the Trump campaign”:

But it’s important to note that the agreement does not have the exclusion in writing:

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti adds that even if Manafort is being used to go after someone other than Trump, he’d still be required to tell Mueller everything he knows about Trump:

With that said, however, the latest reporting is that former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig and his firm Skadden Arps could soon face criminal charges:

This would fit with Manafort’s agreement, FWIW:

And this:

Oh, man … imagine The Resistance if Manafort doesn’t bring down Trump but instead starts nuking Dems?

Get. The. Popcorn.