Editor’s note: The Weather Channel has responded to the video, making it worse. See below for the update. 


Check out this video of an unidentified Weather Channel reporter bracing himself “for his life” in Hurricane Florence’s winds as two guys just stroll by in the background:

And they wonder why we don’t trust the media?

And we have the perfect nickname for it from Ari Fleischer:

Bret Baier agrees it’s a problem:

Just stop with these stupid live shots already, ‘eh? Both the dangerous ones and the manipulated ones:

Update. The Weather Channel told BuzzFeed that the two guys in the background are on the pavement, which makes it easier for them to walk while the reporter, Mike Seidel, is on grass and tired from reporting all day:

“It’s important to note that the two individuals in the background are walking on concrete, and Mike Seidel is trying to maintain his footing on wet grass, after reporting on-air until 1:00 a.m. ET this morning and is undoubtedly exhausted,” the network said.

Weird. Why didn’t Seidel move 12 inches to his left where there was pavement?