Michael Avenatti called out The Federalist’s Caroline Court over her “constant attacks on my client Stormy Daniels”:

First up, Caroline Court tweets under the username @BeyondReasDoubt, so good luck with Google, Avenatti fans:

But more importantly, the reason Avenatti is so pissed at @BeyondReasDoubt, who is a criminal defense attorney in real life, is because of this absolutely devastating critique of his legal work with regard to refugees and asylum seekers at the border that she wrote up for The Federalist:

Do read the entire thing, but the TL;DR version is that Avenatti is being accused of agreeing to “voluntary departures” for his clients when actual immigration and asylum attorneys are winning such cases, thus allowing their clients to say in America:

Avenatti’s craziness doesn’t stop there. Several immigration lawyers believe Avenatti is agreeing to “voluntary departures” for children for publicity’s sake. Voluntary departure is a process whereby the individual chooses to return to his or her home country and forgo any proceedings. While Avenatti’s tweets make it seem like he’s doing God’s work reuniting children with their parents, he could very well being doing real damage.

And it’s not just @BeyondReasDoubt criticizing Avenatti. Here are a few tweets from her piece:

As for Avenatti’s tweet calling out “Caroline Court,” @BeyondReasDoubt answered him with this mini-thread on how he’s using Stormy Daniels as a shield to deflect from the very real criticisms raised of his legal work on the border:

Editor’s note: We incorrectly listed Court’s Twitter name as @BeyondReasonDoubt. It’s BeyondReasDoubt.