And now we can add *checks notes* air conditioning to the list of things that are sexist, courtesy of actress and New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon:

Yes, she went there:

Which could be the BEST reason yet to vote for Cuomo:

But the thermostat debate is splitting Twitter, as you’d assume it would:

Versus this take:

Men are pretty much on team Cuomo on this one:

And why can’t Cuomo just do what Charlie Crist in Florida does, that is, bring his own fan everywhere he goes?

There’s actually science to back up Nixon’s complaint, FWIW:

We should also point out that Cuomo is being a giant hypocrite here. Remember when then candidate Obama told voters in 2008 that we can’t have the thermostat set even at 72 degrees?

Typical lib. He gets to have an igloo for his debate hall while “we can’t” set the thermostat where we want. Here’s hoping Nixon gets her way and Cuomo sweats his butt off for the entire debate.