In Monday night’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter, Oliver Darcy, filling in for Brian Stelter writes that Lanny Davis’ admission to BuzzFeed on Monday that he lied to CNN as a source “doesn’t mean, however, that CNN’s story is incorrect”:

Sigh. We get the “multiple sources” part. You do you, CNN. But Darcy and Stelter and everyone else at the #FactsFirst network is avoiding talking about this line from their big scoop that they insist is still true:

Writing that Davis declined to comment while at the same time using him as an anonymous source IS THE PROBLEM. From Politico’s Marc Caputo:

Darcy, Stelter and CNN need to explain this part, and they’re not:

And if this is the explanation, just say so. What say you Jim Sciutto, Carl Bernstein and Marshall Cohen?

CNN has other problems as well since Davis was allowed to lie on air: