While covering Hurricane Lane in Hawaii, BBC reporter James Cook was luck he wasn’t killed after a large tree fell on him during a broadcast. Here’s the audio where you can hear the tree fall like some fake sound effect in a movie:

The BBC later posted this photo of Cook climbing out of the tree:

Sheesh. It’s only a matter of time before a storm kills one of these disaster tourists putting themselves in danger for ratings. Some more damage on Maui:

Cook later posted this photo of a fire on Maui, but from a safe distance:

And now they’re hoping the hurricane will put out the fire:

Lane has thankfully weakened over the past 24 hours, but it’s still a MAJOR rain threat:

Honolulu on Oahu is preparing for evacuations just in case:

Of particular concern is the Ala Wai canal, which is fed by 3 streams that eventually leads to the ocean through downtown Honolulu. The fear is that it floods from the mountains and the sea at the same time causing a massive flood in the city:

We’ll keep you posted.