What a major buzzkill it must be to find out your friends think everything you’ve been talking about for two years regarding President Donald Trump “won’t matter politically.”

But that’s exactly what happened when MSNBC’s Chris Hayes asked his friends about all the Cohen-Manafort news yesterday.

He’s “impervious,” Hayes’ friends said. “Nothing that happens matters”:

But it gets better. Hayes then admitted he thinks this is “a view lots of reporters and those in the media more broadly share,” which is a giant WTF moment. As in, WTF are they spending so much time on it if it doesn’t matter politically? Why not cover other stories that do matter politically, like Mollie Tibbetts’ murder?

But it “should” matter, he says:

Soulda. Coulda. Woulda.

We’ll see. The “crime” looks a lot like what happened to John Edwards and the raising of money from his supporters to fund his love child. Edward, remember, had those charges dismissed in 2012: