Celebrity socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took issue with a tweet from Townhall’s own Katie Pavlich on the now-deported Queens Nazi, tweeting that her #AbolishICE stance really doesn’t mean that she’s against deportation:

She then later tweeted a link to a BuzzFeed story on another ICE story from Queens, this one on a U.S. citizen imprisoned for 2 years by the agency. You see, the two are similar because this guy, too, is from Queens:

First up, this story is nowhere near as cut and dry as her pithy tweet suggests. The man in the story, Levy Jaen, was born in Panama. His mother, who is not an American citizen, was married to an American citizen at the time of his birth. But a different man, not an American citizen, was listed on his birth certificate as his real biological father. Jaen eventually came to the U.S. on a visa and ICE wanted to deport him after he finished a 2-year sentence for drug possession for overstaying said visa. His case, which made its way through the courts, determined that U.S. law recognizes the man his mother was married to as his father for citizenship purposes, not the biological father.

Oh, and the administration that wanted Jaen deported was that of Barack Obama. From the BuzzFeed link:

But in the spring of 2016, Jaen was detained by immigration authorities after he completed a two-year sentence for his second drug possession conviction. ICE officials claimed he should be removed from the country because he’d overstayed a visa and was convicted of the drug charge.

Got that? President Obama didn’t deport the Nazi but he did try to deport the American. And this is the party she wants in charge?