By now you’ve probably heard the story flying about evil ICE agents arresting an illegal immigrant who was taking his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth:

But, as we told you, that wasn’t the entire story. What was left out was that the man ICE arrested was wanted on a murder warrant in Mexico:

And this brings us to Democratic Rep. Joe Kennedy III whose instant reaction to the article was to call ICE’s actions “worse than heartless”:

Do we need to remind young Kennedy about his family’s history and all of that, since he wants to talk about “heartless” and all?

Would President Hillary release wanted murderers just because their wives were pregnant?

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., jumped on as well:

And this could be one of the best replies we’ve seen in some time:

But, then, “that’s not the Kennedy way”:

Maybe we can get all Dems to endorse this Kennedy’s position?

What’s worse is that Kennedy still has this tweet up:

Fix this, congressman: