Earlier tonight we told you about Alyssa Milano’s “Handmaid’s Tale” protest that looked more like something out of “Strawberry Shortcake,” but she made an even bigger mistake than the costume.

Rule No. 1 on the Internet is to never, ever pose in front of a white board or else photoshop magic happens. Like these ==>

The hot dog guy:

As GOP spox:

As pro-Kavanaugh:

As MAGA woman:

Pence’s revenge:

Pence gets ANGRIER:

Self-inflicted wound in progress:

LOL Melania’s jacket:

Binder’s full of women you say?

Cocaine Mitch!

What is this wizardry?

Al Sharpton version!

Manafort groupie:

It is a cheap version of the real costume:

More Pence funnies:

Tony Danza for SCOTUS?

Her next movie roll?

And, finally, the worst take yet: