In the immortal words of CNN’s Jim Acosta, “we are real news, Mr. President”:

So, why would humans need artificial gills in the first place you might ask? Easy. Because of global warming:

Royal College of Art graduate Kamei, in partnership with RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab, was inspired to create a lightweight underwater respiratory device because of predicted rises in sea levels.

“I was looking at how the future of our urban environment will change with global warming, and got deeply interested by figures of water level rise,” said Kamei.

Unbelievable. Click on the article for an image of a woman swimming through a flooded cathedral, which would mean seas would have to rise hundreds and hundreds of feet.

Now, as for CNN’s headline and image…

“Could become a reality”? REALLY? From the article:

Amphibio is currently just a working prototype, tested at small scale in an aquarium. The next step is to prove that it can be used by humans, though Kamei believes that this will require a gill with a surface of 32 square meters (344 square feet).

Oddly that doesn’t look like 344 square feet of artificial gill. What an embarrassing article.