In all of our years on Twitter, we have never once seen the New York Post’s Seth Mandel lose his temper. That streak ended tonight, however, in this brutal back-and-forth where Mandel called out CNN’s Brian Stelter over his interview this morning with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

First up, here’s Mandel rightly accusing CNN if being one of the reasons why Trump won but then allowing de Blasio to say that it was really only because of Fox News:

Mandel then accused Stelter of playing up his fear about journo security to prop up their own ratings:

Stelter replied and linked to a video of his interview, saying “you must have missed the part where I brought up security and safety”:

Now here comes the boom:

Stelter than tweeted that he found Mandel’s rage “shocking and unbecoming”:

More back-and-forth: