Meet Florida State Sen. Daphne Campbell, a Democrat. She got pissed at a Miami Herald reporter at a debate on Thursday so she called the cops on her:

According to the Miami Herald, Sen. Campbell told the police that reporter Sarah Blaskey had threatened her:

Campbell, a Democrat who is running for reelection this month in Senate District 38, called police at 1:24 p.m. after participating in a debate with her Democratic opponent, Jason Pizzo. A responding North Miami Beach officer who declined to give his name explained that police had been called by Campbell about threats made by a woman in a floral dress — a clear reference to the attire of Herald reporter Sarah Blaskey.

Police left without arresting anyone. But their appearance flustered attendees and the Social Citizens of Southeast Florida, which hosted the event in order to allow members to query the candidates on the issues. Afterward, president Dennis Stubbolo said he “was shocked.”

Blaskey later tweeted that she won’t back down from her coverage:

Sen. Campbell also called the cops on reporter Rich Robinson earlier this year:

She’s also pretended to be someone else in calls to reporters (where have we heard that trick before?):

More on Robinson’s run-in with the cops thanks to Sen. Campbell here:

Exit question: We’ll hear from Brian Stelter about this, right?