During an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo last night, Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked about the “sticker shock” of her Medicare-for-all plan and how she would pay for it.

She answered with, “Medicare-for-all is cheaper than the current system” because we aren’t — wait for it — “incorporating the costs of all the funeral expenses of those who die because they can’t afford access to health care. That is part of the cost of our system.”

Got that? Medicare for all makes us immortal and there will be no more funeral costs! Because that must be what she means as everyone dies so deferring funeral costs 5, 10, 15 years, etc. won’t help fund anything. Oh, and a longer life expectancy in America makes programs like Social Security and Medicare even more underfunded. Has she accounted for that yet?

She also doesn’t seem to realize that the individual mandate was repealed, which might come up when she eventually become a real, life lawmaker in a few months:

Now, if a Republican had said anything like this, PolitiFact and the other fact-checkers would be all over it. Let’s see if they do their jobs now.



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