Here we go again…

Blue-check journos and other libs are pretty psyched today after this tweet from President Donald Trump on the now infamous Trump Tower meeting with his son, Donald Jr., in 2016:

You see, they think Trump confessed to meeting Russian agents, or something. From The Atlantic’s David Frum:

CNN’s Chris Cillizza:

You see, Trump is “finally” telling the truth, according to The Daily Beast’s Justin MIller:

And Dems are jumping on it, too. Here’s Dem Rep. Ted Lieu from California:

And Obama adviser Ben Rhodes:

But not so fast…

Axios’ Jonathan Swan is throwing ice cold water over all of this and reminding everyone this is nothing new:

Link to the 2017 quotes here:

And it’s not going well for libs challenging Swan on this:

Editor’s note: This post has been updated.