‘Unsettling’: Reporters not happy with veterans who booed the media during Trump’s VFW speech

Posted at 2:32 pm on July 24, 2018 by Greg P.

While addressing the VFW convention today in Kansas City, President Trump once again ruffled the media’s feathers when he called them out as “Fake News.” But this, time, there was a twist as the gathered veterans joined in and booed the media:


Video here:

BuzzFeed’s Vera Bergengruen called it “unsettling” that those who fought to defend America and the First Amendment make take issue with the way the media is covering the president:


The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker reports that this sentiment wasn’t unanimous, however:

And we’re pretty sure those in the room weren’t booing WSJ reporter and Marine Corps veteran Ben Kesling:


But it was not all boos and hisses. President Trump brought 94-year-old veteran Alan Jones onstage and promised him an Oval Office tour for the 95th birthday:

And he called every veteran in the room a “national treasure”:

The media just doesn’t get that the people in the room see the president as the guy who just hugged the 94-year-old vet and want to hear more stories like that.