Yesterday we told you about CNN’s Brian Stelter and his new special titled, the “Trump Show,” where he interviewed people on how “The Handmaid’s Tale” is somehow important in the age of Trump.

BUT, SURPRISE! This new Brian Stelter clip contradicts what Stelter has said in the past:

In the clip, Stelter interviewed show creator Bruce Miller who says, “I would be very happy if my show became irrelevant as quickly as possible” and “The first time I got chills was when I was watching the footage of the Women’s March on TV and the women’s march on our show and it looked exactly the same.”

Watch here:

And Stelter went on to say how the show “has taken on more significance in the Trump age”:

Now, we’re so old we remember when Stelter fought back against angry lefties who made these same comparisons. All the way back on June 26:

We’re “hundreds if not thousands of steps away,” he said:

Stelter went on to criticize “people in prominent positions” who keep making the claim:

He even teased the CNN special where he speaks with a producer from the show, tweeting “America is not Gilead, nor is it close”:

Well, now that he needs the “fear mongering” for ratings, it’s “close.”