Code Pink wants to crap all over President Trump’s planned parade to salute the military and is raising money to bring the stupid Trump baby balloon over from the U.K. for its planned protest:

At the time of this post, the group has raised close to $10,000 of it’s $20,000 goal:

Would you like to see the Baby Trump blimp flying over our nation’s capital during Trump’s military parade on November 10?

Help us bring the Baby Trump blimp to Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump plans to beat the drums of war down the streets of our nation’s capital.  While he tries to show how macho and strong he is, we will show him as the big baby he is.

By Trump’s order, on November 10, Veterans Day 2018, a military parade will take place in Washington. D.C. It will be a celebration of death and destruction, of all that the U.S. has done over the years to destroy the world. It will begin at the White House and proceed to the Capitol Building, with a fighter planes flying overhead.

The night before Trump’s War Parade we will throw a PEACE CONCERT on the National Mall, starting at 5pm November 9.  Additional funds will go to support the Peace Concert. Learn more at  or email [email protected].

Ah. They’re using the stupid balloon to get money for the concert that will be held at night, on the National Mall, in winter. Genius.