A Google image search for “idiot” now shows photos of Donald Trump as the top results:

The Guardian explains what’s going on:

When you type the word “idiot” into Google’s image search, Trump is the first returned result. This is partly because the Green Day song American Idiot was used by protesters to soundtrack his trip to London. But since then there’s also been a concerted campaign to capitalize on that association, and manipulate Google’s algorithm, by linking the word to the picture. Mostly this involved people upvoting a post containing a photo of him and the word “idiot” on Reddit.

And Google has a history of not messing with its search results, so don’t expect any changes:

This may seem unfair to his most fervent supporters. But if there’s one thing Google is keen to emphasize, it’s that search ain’t fair.

The company has always refused to play God when it comes to their algorithm. Even when the search term “Jew” started returning a hook-nosed caricature in 2004, rather than delete the image, they instead took out ads next to it to explain why antisemitic imagery, as well as antisemitic websites like “Jew Watch”, were appearing so high up the results.

And these idiots think this is effective? It will be funny in a little over two years from now when these activists still have this bit going and all of the photos are of Donald Trump winning a second term.