Alrighty, then, we’re done now.

Photogenic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made two more major gaffes on Wednesday during a question and answer session with actress and NY Dem gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon.

First up, here she is calling the pro-Israel supporters who called out her Israel-Palestine nonsense from last week “the alt-right”:

She’s the one that went haywire:

Because this is not who complained about her position:

She’s clueless:

Ocasio-Cortez also stumbled on this fast ball down the middle of the plate that should have given her — and the entire Democrat party, for that matter — an opportunity to hit one into the cheap seats and tell everyone what comes after Dems abolish ICE:

But, nah. Instead we get “reimagine” the immigration system? Sorry Dems, but your new hero just isn’t ready for primetime.