Well, look who showed up in London today at the Trump baby balloon party:

And he’s right there in the center of all the action!

Obligatory selfie with the Trump baby balloon:

Now, we do have to ask, though, if the dozens and dozens of his migrant clients are best served with Avenatti in London:

So far, Avenatti has raised in excess of $100,000 for these clients and promised a public disclosure of how he spending the funds:

We are raising funds to pay for (a) release bonds to assist mothers who are attempting to gain release from detention centers so they can be reunited with their children and (b) out-of-pocket expenses for our work reuniting families and changing the policy.  No monies are going toward attorneys’ fees, and the uses of your money will be publicly disclosed.

So, how’d it go?

Avenatti is based in Los Angeles, his clients are all over the U.S. and he’s in London?

Or maybe he’s done with the asylum cases now? An update would be helpful. You know, whenever he gets back to the U.S.