As we told you earlier, President Donald Trump refused to call on CNN today and instead directed Fox News’ John Roberts to ask the next question, calling CNN “Fake News” in the process:

Robert later issued this statement where he defended CNN and the other networks, saying “To issue a blanket condemnation of the network as ‘fake news’ is also unfair”:

Nice of him, right?

Well, not for CNN PR executive Matt Dornic. He told Roberts to “Next time try and show some class in the moment”:


This is where we are we guess:

BuzzFeed John Stanton, however, called out all the other members of the White House press corps for not standing up to Trump “in the moment” as well:

Of note, is Jim Acosta going to stop calling Fox News “state-sponsored media”?

And as Mary Katharine Ham correctly notes, we don’t remember many MSM types standing up for Fox News’ Shannon Bream when Terry Moran “crapped” on her the other day:

Video of Trump dissing CNN here: