Porn star Stormy Daniels was arrested at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio last night for “allowing customers to touch her while on stage in a non sexual manner,” according to her attorney Michael Avenatti:

Avenatti went on to say that it was a “sting operation”:

She is expected to be released this morning:

Here she is getting locked up:

Now, we don’t know anything about these allegations, but we do know touching of some sort did happen at previous stops on her tour. For example, Washingtonian’s Amanda Whiting took in her show in D.C. and reported back that “her breast was, to date, perhaps the softest thing I’ve ever felt.” Whiting then gave Daniels $7 for the experience:

Update: The affidavit says patrons formed a line and Stormy used “her bare breast to smack” them in the face. She also fondled the “breasts of female patrons.” And then Stormy “grabbed Det. Keckley’s head and began smacking her face with her bare breasts”:

It looks like this happened at a club called Sirens in Columbus that was promoting Daniels’ visit. Did she whip the customers?

The club also advertised a special “meet & greet” session with Stormy: