Here we go again…

Remember this video that President Trump tweeted a few days ago?

Well, CNN tracked down the guy who made it (of course!):

But, surprise! The maker of the video, Louai Munajim from British Columbia, Canada, is accusing CNN’s Hunter Schwarz of misquoting him. At issue is this line from the piece (emphasis ours):

“It had such a wonderful narrative arc to it all,” he said in an email. “The underdog, and against all odds winning the election. Truly the stuff of fairytales.” No one from the administration reached out about using the video, he said.

Munajim says he finds this statement “disingenuous” and that he has “NO PROBLEMS with Trump” using the video:

Before the article’s publication, Munajim tweeted the alleged questions from Schwarz and his answers so we can compare the article with what Munajim says he wrote in the email:

Anyway, why did CNN even care who made the video in the first place?