As you know, Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shook up the Democratic party last week with her surprise victory over party leader Joe Crowley in New York City:

So, now that Dems are set to embrace the agenda of the Democratic Socialists, let’s check in on what they’re really about, shall we? Here are a few photos and videos from their recent “Abolish ICE” march in NYC:


“CAGING CHILDREN IS A CRIME” which is a sign we did not see when President Obama was putting kids in kennels:

And when they say the quiet part out loud: “No borders, no nations, no racist deportations”:

Tell us more, Dems, that “open borders” isn’t your thing:

Well, the great thing about America is that companies can even make money off of the socialists:

Capitalism for the win. Again. And again. And again.




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