New polling out from Harvard-Harris has President Trump up 2 points since it’s last poll. That’s right. With every negative story out there about immigration and Russia, Trump is getting more popular:

But it’s not just the president’s approval that’s a potential problem for Dems. Eddie Zipperer, a writer for The Hill and The Daily Caller, breaks down the entire poll and it should have Dems terrified. Literally.

Voters think the economy is strong:

Our finances are improving:

Trump’s approval on creating jobs is much higher than his overall approval rating:

63% want Trump’s version of the DACA compromise:

And 61% think we need more border security:

Only 24% want open borders:

60% want a hybrid wall, which is actually what Trump called for (at times) during the campaign:

51% think illegal immigration increase crime:

And the new Dem issue we’re hearing so much about — abolish ICE — is a sure loser:

This next number has to have Dems in a full on panic. 70% want stricter immigration enforcement:

64% say deport those caught crossing illegally:

Having kids doesn’t change things much:

Zero tolerance doesn’t even poll that badly:

And 55% want those held in detention until a hearing:

Although keeping families together is important to the vast majority:

Contrary to Trump’s tweets, people want more judges:

55% want tough requirements for asylum seekers:

73% are happy Trump reversed course on family separation:

Media and libs, you have FAILED:

More WINS for Trump and his policies…

Sanctuary cities:


The wall:

On the Red Hen incident:

On North Korea:

On China:

On Mueller:

And in conclusion:


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