MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff, while live-tweeting his Dateline story on immigration last night, let loose with this zinger out of nowhere on Bill Clinton where he criticized the former president’s tough immigration policies which led to death rates that “skyrocketed”:

Weird. Bill Clinton’s policies were killing illegal immigrants yet we don’t remember anyone calling the president “Hitler” back then. Why could that be?

But now, Trump is just like Hitler because the government … wait for it … gives kids who were either caught crossing illegally with their parents or kids who were sent to the U.S. alone identifcation numbers:

Vox even blamed Clinton and the 1996 law called “IIRIRA” that “laid the groundwork for the massive deportation machine that exists today,” but still no Nazi comparisons:

Good luck getting it to stop, however:

They can’t stop, won’t stop:

“Literally,” he says:

And as we told you on Sunday, Trump actually has the polling behind him for these policies: