After losing to Ted Cruz in a charity basketball game this week, television host Jimmy Kimmel donated $5000 to charity, which is not really a lot of money. In total, he an Cruz ended up raising $80,000, which, again, is not a lot of money.

But we’re starting to see an idea take shape…

How about a charity debate with Kimmel vs. Ben Shapiro?

Well, we’re not sure about a million but we bet it would be more than $80,000. There are already pledge of $5000 from Ryan Saavedra:

And $20,000 from Ben Shapiro himself:

Lest you think this is a stunt, the two have a lot in common … actually, the most important thing in common as their kids have the same heart surgeon:

It would actually be a very good debate!

Now, will Jimmy take Ben up on it? Or is he scared of losing … again:




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