Editor’s note: This post has been updated. Scroll down for excerpts from his interview with Lawrence O’Donnell.

First we told you how Tom Arnold had to retract his statement that he’s working with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to “take down” the president…

Then we told you how Cohen called out Arnold on Twitter after Arnold told CNN that he and Cohen would be hanging out together all weekend…

And now, with Arnold about to go on MSNBC, he’s tripling down on the crazy and replied to Cohen’s tweet about the false claims on the CNN interview with, “whatever you do DO NOT watch @Lawrence”:

Train wreck iminent.

UPDATE: Train wreck complete. Here are the highlights…

Ivanka Trump is the biggest leaker and Cohen took the picture just to irritate Trump:

He cursed on air:

The “N word”:

And the big one, Cohen is talking to prosecutors and the FBI:

Melania is in an abusive relationship:

And now we wait for the fallout.



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