President Donald Trump met with “Angel Families” at the White House today — those are families who lost loved ones in crimes committed by illegal immigrants — and we could have close to a new low from folks on the left.

Kathy Griffin accused the president of using the families as propaganda:

Resistance doc Eugene Gu said he using the people who had family members killed by illegal immigrants to “demonize” illegal immigrants:

Charles M. Blow of the New York Times wondered how the Trump administration was able to organize this event so fast:

Anti-gun Shannon Watts attacked the families for having Trump autograph photos of their loved ones:

As did writer/comedian Nick Jack Pappas:

And screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer made it racist:

Note that none of the anti-Trumpers bothered to listen to any of the stories:

The stories were heartbreaking:

Like this one about mom who was contemplating suicide:

More here:


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